About Kijimea IBS

Active agent

The active agent in Kijimea IBS is the unique and patented bifidobacteria strain B. bifidum MIMBb75.

Scientists at the University of Milan discovered the impressive effect of this bifidobacteria strain when they examined the influence of bifidobacteria on IBS. In a clinical study, the research team noticed that the worldwide unique bacteria strain B. bifidum MIMBb75 is able to alleviate IBS and its symptoms such as constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, flatulence, and bloating significantly.

What is more: The scientists observed that even the quality of life of those affected improved significantly thanks to Kijimea IBS. As these results were so remarkable, the study has since then become one of the most cited scientific studies worldwide in the field of gastrointestinal research.

Wirkstoff Bifidobakterien B. bifidum MIMBb75
Schematic illustration of B. bifidum MIMBb75

Mode of action

An ever increasing number of researchers attributes IBS to an impaired intestinal barrier.

This is because even the slightest damages of the intestinal wall can allow pollutants and pathogens to penetrate and cause tiny inflammations. Thus, the intestinal nervous system may become irritated and typical IBS symptoms like constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, and abdominal pain can occur repeatedly, individually or in combination.

Kijimea IBS fights these symptoms by tackling the cause of the irritated bowel: It sticks to the damaged intestinal wall. How does that work? Scientists have discovered through long-term research studies that the worldwide unique bifidobacteria strain B. bifidum MIMBb75, only contained in Kijimea IBS, settles directly on the surface of the intestinal wall. Our experts refer to the so called “plaster effect” because effectively, Kijimea IBS attaches itself on the damaged intestinal wall like a plaster on a wound.

The result: Pollutants and pathogens can no longer penetrate the intestinal wall and, thus, the bowel is no longer irritated.

Microscopic representation:
B. bifidum MIMBb75 attaches itself to the cells of the intestinal wall. Pollutants and pathogens are barred from entering and the bowel is protected from further irritations.

Apropos: One of the research studies was able to show that no other bifidobacteria strain attaches itself as firmly to the intestinal wall as B. bifidum MIMBb75, only contained in Kijimea IBS.

Illustration of the plaster effect:
Kijimea IBS settles on the damaged intestinal wall like a plaster.

Product information

Consumers have decided: Kijimea IBS is the “best product of the year 2015”.* In a survey conducted among 100,000 consumers, Kijimea IBS was voted into the first place in the category “Health”.

Kijimea IBS is a Class IIb licensed medical device for the treatment of IBS with its typical symptoms like constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, flatulence and bloating. There are no known side effects or interactions.

Take 2 capsules Kijimea IBS once a day at mealtime. Swallow capsules whole with sufficient liquid (for example a glass of water). We recommend taking Kijimea IBS capsules for at least four weeks, ideally for twelve weeks. In our clinical study, the first positive effects were shown after about one week of regular intake.
User information
For detailed information you can download the user information for Kijimea IBS here.
Important note
Kijimea IBS does not contain either preservatives, sweeteners, flavouring agents, lactose or gluten, and is also optimally suitable for patients with diabetes. Kijimea IBS does not contain gelatine either.
Where to buy Kijimea IBS
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Expert interview

This is what the expert says about IBS

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Layer

Professor Peter Layer, MD

  • Director of the Medical Department of the Israelite Hospital in Hamburg
  • Member of the Executive Board of the German Society for Digestive and Metabolic
  • Deputy chairman of the Hamburg Consortium for Gastroenterology (HAG)

Prof. Dr. Layer, IBS is increasingly being regarded as a truly widespread disease. Is this really the case?

Prof. Dr. Peter Layer: Absolutely! According to estimates, up to 15 percent of the population in the USA is affected by chronic intestinal disorders. It is assumed that approx. half of that number also suffers from full scale IBS, i.e. these people also have a significantly lower quality of life. Symptoms of IBS like constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence and abdominal pain often occur among the affected patients with varying degrees of frequency and severity, and they can also change now and again.

What are the causes of an irritated bowel?

Prof. Dr. Peter Layer: An increasing number of scientists assume that intestinal health is being chronically damaged by tiniest “lesions” in the intestinal barrier. This can lead to small amounts of intestinal contents, especially also intestinal germs, entering the intestinal wall, thus leading to the creation of tiny inflammations. In ground-breaking research studies, a research team from the Technical University of Munich was able to make these micro-inflammations among IBS patients visible for the first time. These inflammations, which cannot be proven with routine examinations of tissue cells (the reason why the ostensible result of examination for affected people typically is „normal findings“), are however fatal for the intestinal physiology, because they lead to an irritation of the sensitive intestinal nervous system, which can then trigger off the typical IBS symptoms.

Is there an effective therapy against this condition?

Prof. Dr. Peter Layer: The therapy for IBS has so far mainly been symptomatic, that is to say only individual symptoms were treated. Due to new scientific findings on the pathophysiology of IBS, the group of probiotics, among others, and most especially bifidobacteria, is increasingly coming into the spotlight as an often effective method of treatment. As with all probiotic therapy approaches, the effect of bifidobacteria is also highly strain-specific, meaning that findings on the characteristics of one bacteria strain cannot be transferred to others, not even to closely related strains.

Does that mean, one cannot simply consume any bifidobacteria (for instance the ones found in yoghurt), but rather should ensure taking exactly the right strain of bacteria?

Prof. Dr. Peter Layer: That‘s what it means! In a current study, only two strains of bifidobacteria worldwide were able to show a significant reduction in the general IBS symptoms. And only one of them, namely B. bifidum MIMBb75, was for the first time able to simultaneously bring about an improvement in the quality of life. A research team from the University of Milan led by Prof. Dr. Guglielmetti was able to prove this in a clinical study.

  • Layer P et al, S3-Leitlinie zur Definition, Pathophysiologie, Diagnostik und Therapie des Reizdarmsyndroms der DGVS und der DGNM (AWMF-Registriernummer: 021/016). Z Gastroent 2011;49:237-93

Customer reviews

This is what customers say about Kijimea IBS

Source: Customer reviews in selected mail-order pharmacies**


[…] After only the second intake the symptoms became significantly less. I have managed to get rid of my irritable bowel syndrome with the help of Kijimea. If ever I get another bout of irritable bowel syndrome, I will immediately order Kijimea. […]


I have an extremely sensitive digestive organ [extreme bloating, to some extent with cramps] and by chance I came across a sample package of Kijimea. I tried it out and very soon felt some improvement. No more bloating and generally a higher degree of well-being.


For years, I have suffered from unexplained digestive problems […] – particularly in stressful situations. As these problems persisted for years, I had little hope of improvement. I was all the more surprised when I noticed an improvement only three days after taking Kijimea. After taking it for an additional 11 days, my symptoms nearly disappeared. Finally being able to eat without regret is a great feeling. […]


[…] After a really short time of taking Kijimea I already started feeling much better. …I still cannot believe it. […] I can only recommend every patient with irritable bowel syndrome to try it out. THANK YOU


My husband has taken this product several times already and he experiences an improvement after only approx. 3-4 days. He recommends it for anyone who experiences short-term disorders as a result of stress or other causes, which trigger off irritable bowel syndrome. As I said, it has always been of help to him. […]


During many years of suffering from IBS, I was always told there was no treatment. All products intended to relieve IBS had only little effect. Being desperate, I surfed the internet and found Kijimea IBS. The description gave me hope. I have been taking the capsules for 3 weeks now and the often torturous pain is gone. I can hardly believe how much my quality of life has improved!! I would like to recommend these capsules for everyone who experiences similar sufferings! […]


[…] I read about this Kijimea remedy in a TV magazine and decided, with little hope, to buy a package with 28 capsules. I might still not believe it, but that is how it happened. After just 8 days the amount of pain I was experiencing had admittedly not disappeared but it had subsided markedly. After another week, that is to say after two weeks in all, the pains had disappeared completely. […] This remedy is, for me, one of the most helpful that has ever come onto the market. […]


[…] I am really delighted!!! After just 3 days of using the remedy my bowel movement has normalised, no more diarrhoea or constipation. Attention: As indicated on the package, one should take Kijimea for at least 4 weeks so that it can unleash all its effectiveness on the body…. therefore don’t give up after just a couple of days.


I have been suffering from flatulence and digestive disorders for years now. Kijimea is the first product which has actually helped me. True, I still get flatulence now and then, but it is no longer on a daily basis and not with the same severity.


[…] No more digestive problems, and finally this excruciating gastric discomfort has disappeared. I hope the effect will last. I can really recommend it to you! I have actually tried everything because all I was desperately looking for was a cure.


For many years, I have been suffering from IBS. Hardly anything has helped me. Kijimea IBS considerably relieved the symptoms after only a few days. In the future, I will probably take a four-week cure twice a year. My recommendation: Try it out by all means.


It acts quickly and soothes the bowels. I find it wonderful and I am happy that I came across this remedy!


I have experimented a lot! This is the first product which really does me good!


[…] After every week of taking Kijimea IBS, I feel better. Diarrhoea has become a rare thing.


I take the product once a day. […] This product has already provided considerable relief for my agonizing irritable bowel. Now I can take lovely walks again without feeling the need to go to the toilet. I can recommend this product wholeheartedly. […]


Digestion can now take place once again without any laxatives and the hard bloated stomach is also a thing of the past.


I take the product due to irritable bowel syndrome and I am very contented with it. It is the first thing that is really helping me, after having tried a number of other products already.


I am very pleased with the tablets, and they are the only thing which is really helping me for now, moreover after just one week of taking it.


I use the product against slight irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. I had been undertaking treatment for 12 weeks and I have already had good experience with it. At least I have been without complaints for several months now. I can really recommend this product for problems like flatulence and stomach ache.


Over the years, I experienced symptoms time after time. Since taking Kijimea, I have been feeling really good. After just one day, I noticed improvement. […] My quality of life has increased enormously.

* Online consumer survey, conducted by Q&A Research BV from 13.05.2015 until 06.07.2015 in Germany; in total 4.522 ratings in 17 categories.
** The customer reviews are taken from selected mail-order pharmacies in Germany and translated into English